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Finding New Routines

June 14, 2011

I was feeling a little down today so I asked some of my fellow trainees to do yoga with me after dinner. To my delight they responded enthusiastically and after a little finagling of furniture and rechargeable batteries we were off. The sweet sounds of Michael Franti drifted over the convent courtyard as I pulled out my cheat sheets (thank you Sarah and Netta!) and lead them through some simple sun salutations. Only three of us had mats so it stayed pretty gentle for at least the first half—the last thing we needed was a face-plant on the tile floor. The room quickly became an oven and sweat started flying.

Their energy and enthusiasm were exactly what I needed tonight. I thank them for sharing their practice with me (for many of them their first!) and I thank my teachers for giving me the tools I need to feel at home wherever life takes me. Namaste.

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