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Books and Computers!

July 14, 2011

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Sanniquellie is already feeling like a good fit. Krista and I braved the rain this morning and were rewarded with banana donuts! Demi had food for us again this morning and we each packed in as much bread and oatmeal as our stomachs would allow.

I asked to be taken back to the house to check the roof for leaks and so far so good. We made a short list of repairs to be made before our return and met more neighbors, including about a dozen kids who already live in our front yard. I already sense we’ll have very little privacy, but I think I’ll be happy here. Sis’ Lindsey (the Response Volunteer here in the spring) started a small garden behind the house and I already have plans to expand it.

After that Demi took us to the market area and it is good! We have a large yellow building for the food market so there isn’t quite the abundance of mud and flies we get in Kakata. The rain actually stays out! The room is bright and the tables seem organized. Up country there isn’t much fresh fish so the smell is much less pungent as well. Saturday is market day and I’m excited to see exactly what that means. Apparently people come from all around and it’s a free-for-all.

On walkabout Demi took us to the County Education Office where there is a free internet cafe and library. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. I hadn’t expected anything like this and am excited about the possibilities these resources create. Apparently students rarely use them and I intend to change that.

Krista and I stopped in the June Water shop to get water and it was like a tiny America. Coke, Sprite, Planters Nuts! Liquor, spices, toilet paper!

I’m excited to put down my roots and roll up my sleeves. Even if it oddly reminds me of Iowa!

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