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October 2, 2011

A few weeks ago I volunteered Krista and myself to coach the quizzing team.  We met with them for the first time today and it was awesome.  These are the kids I can make the biggest difference for.

Krista and I sloshed to school in the rain, both recovering from foot-glass injuries, and met about ten “boys” mostly in twelfth grade.  I asked a lot of technical questions about the game then they did a mock tournament for us.  I couldn’t get the stupid grin off my face!  It’s loud and theatrical and very nerdy.  They haven’t had any teachers to help them so they’ve been researching and writing their own questions.

I could have hugged George, my senior prefect, when he said, “Gentlemen, remember.  It isn’t just about quizzing: it’s about improving your mind.”

Great rainy Sunday.

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  1. Candace permalink
    December 10, 2011 10:28 pm

    I’m noticing the picture this child is drawing…the same long legs and small heads you would expect a small child in America to draw. Not so different are we? I can tell these kids love to hang out on your porch! What an opportunity – this is Liberia’s future on your doorstep.

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