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Prom and Graduation

November 6, 2011

Last year’s seniors line up for their graduation procession. Graduation should have happened in June, but was delayed because of WAEC scoring… or something.

Last weekend we had the Junior-Senior prom at school and all the kids wanted to dance with me, swarming and grabbing at me.  It sounds sketchy, and it was, but most of it was in good fun.

Graduation for last year’s seniors was later that weekend so K and I put on lappa suits and trekked to campus again.  The ceremony was cute, but my speech was small awkward with my cracking voice.  I’m excited for next year when it will be my kids.  I’ll almost certainly cry.

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  1. January 12, 2012 12:45 am

    right, I know I should say something about the graduation and prom, but instead I feel compelled to say how much I’m loving your lapas.

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