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Dance Dance Revolution

December 21, 2011

Best night of dancing ever.  Only a handful of teachers reached to campus today so Mr. Demy cancelled school at recess.  The kids who were there didn’t want to be there anyway (I had to leave 11B to break up a raucous dance party next door in 11A).  Honestly, neither did Krista and I.

So after school we celebrated with big bowls of pepper soup (flaming hot today) and ice cold drinks.  Krista was tired so she went to take a nap and I did small small chores like washing my slippers.  Around 5:00 I sat down and wrote 114 quizzing questions while watching yet another Lion King sunset from the porch.

I brought a candle out and while I was waiting to see if the power would come on I heard, “Hello my gooba,” and Marcy poked her head around the railing.  “Where my Krista gooba?”  She crawled on my lap and we read books until Krista came out.  No power tonight, but it didn’t matter because we’d already decided to go dancing.  By 8:30 we were at the club and by 9:00 we were cutting two mean paths across the deserted dance floor.

The deaf prosty came and asked us for her necklace again (long story!) but other than that no one bothered us all night.  The crowd gradually grew, but no one encroached on our corner or tried to grab us, two things I expected without our usual bodyguards.

What did happen was the formation of an audience.  A group of women then young men pulled up chairs along the ledge and quietly watched us.  No heckling.  No touching.  We think they were just fascinated.  It was almost flattering.  At one point a guy came down, gave me a thumbs up, and started dancing.  He was so polite about it that I danced with him for a few minutes.  He left and didn’t try any funny business.  Highly unusual, but very refreshing.  I guess we’re integrating.

Our dancing has improved, but the crowd is also getting used to us.  Maybe word is finally getting out that we really just like to dance… or the night was a fluke.  Either way it was exactly what I needed.

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  1. Andrea Penn permalink
    January 17, 2012 3:45 am

    I’ve seen you dance…it’s pretty amazing. I’m not surprise your moves are catching on every where you go 🙂

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