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Breaking Your Own Rules

December 26, 2011

The kids bluffin' in their Christmas clothes. From left to right: Nya, Mary, Yada, some kid I don't know, and Grandpa... Jean Paul... whatever we're calling him these days.

Around 6:00 I went to read on the porch.  Our neighbor Vivian sat on the pump looking tearful.  “Merry Christmas!” I yelled.  “What soup did you cook?”  She mumbled something.  “Eh?” I called.  “Sis RB, we didn’t eat today.  No money.”

Those four kids have been alone over there for weeks.  I felt terrible.  I didn’t have any food to give her.  Internal struggle.  We aren’t here to feed people, but she’s such a good kid and it’s Liberian Christmas.  I walked out and gave her $150LD (about $2US).

“Go get some food for everyone, ok?”  Her jaw dropped.  “Merry Christmas.”

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