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Getting It Done

December 27, 2011

Niamiah, our student's deaf small brother, sports Krista's glasses.

Today was crazy productive, even though I slept until almost 9:00.  I made coffee and drew water then did a load of wash (as many clothes as the water can take before turning orange and drawing its cleaning powers into question).  Then I washed all the dishes left over from Christmas while hosting a dance party on the porch.  I drank a second cup of coffee and made a “Done is Good” list for the week.  First on the list: clean bathroom.

I went crazy scrubbing paint splatters off the sink and dust off the floor.  I don’t know if K will notice, but I felt very accomplished.  There is something about cleaning that I find immensely satisfying.  I think it’s the instant gratification: it was dirty and now it’s not.  The house is starting to feel like more of a home.  More things have a place and fewer things are just heaped on the floor.

After I finished the bathroom I scrubbed the floor in the hall and that was a chore.  I could do about two square feet before having to change the water.  I felt like Cinderella, down on my knees with my little rag, but again it was very satisfying.  I’ll try to do more tomorrow.  (Right now there’s a big line right where I stopped.)  After over six hours of cleaning I decided I deserved a break.  I hadn’t eaten anything but coffee and bananas all day so I decided to go get pepper soup.

I changed my clothes and walked to the club.  No food.  “The workload was too much,” Nelson said, “so we didn’t cook today.”  I thanked him and said I’d try Maima’s.  I was just there yesterday, though, so I decided to go home and make beans.  I bought a cold drink at the Small Shop and some bread.  I really didn’t feel like cooking, but I needed to eat and beans don’t require much attention.  I cleaned them and threw in some onion, garlic, and peppa.

All that was left was to wait so I sat down with Ma Ellen’s book.  I started it a week or two ago and Wow.  So many people in this country need to read it!  After reading for a few hours the power came on and I worked on grade sheets until it went off around 10:30.  I will sleep like a rock.

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