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I’ll take Chaos for $500

February 29, 2012

Sabu Yana with Chalk

Happy leap year!  Mr. Demy called me into his office yesterday to tell me WAEC study classes start today—is that ok?  Jesus.  Guess it has to be.  My class is today and Krista’s is tomorrow, but she went to Monrovia Monday so I’ll do both this week.  I’m glad for the kids—this was supposed to start six weeks ago—but the timing is terrible.  This is review week then 4th period ends next week.  I’m giving my exams tomorrow and Friday.

We’ve been reviewing all week and yesterday I started a Jeopardy tournament in each of my classes.  I knew it would be ok in 11th grade, but I’ve been too afraid to try in 12th grade.  They can hardly do group work because they can hardly move in the room.  But I wanted to try.  I knew it would take 15 to 20 minutes to get them organized and explain the rules so I set aside two days.  Tetoe was my score keeper and we had a brutal time calling on groups.  Everyone always thought they were first and, in true Liberian fashion, screamed and screamed if I didn’t call on them.  I announced the winning team in each class would win new copybooks and I think that fanned the flames.  We had fun though.  I was prepared for chaos and it was only partial chaos: success.

11th grade was entirely smooth.  Both classes were small and we’ve done similar things before so it was almost like a real classroom (except for the trash fire outside the window).

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