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This Bit Right Here

May 8, 2012
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Grandpa Mop

Grandpa and I had a fight over who would use the “fine new broom” first. You can see who won.

This morning at quarter to 7:00 the phone rang.  Unknown number.  “Yeah, good morning.  This is (some guy you don’t know) from WAEC.  I understand you’re teaching math here.  I need to speak to you.  Today.”

I paused and tried to find a functioning part of my brain, “I’m very busy today… what’s this about?”  He laughed, “Don’t be afraid.  I just need to do… an evaluation.”  Ugh.  Fine.

How he got my number I’m not sure.  These guys have been all over town, though, and they’re all very interested to see the white woman who teaches math.  So it goes without saying I’ll be very surprised if I meet him and this is anything remotely official.  I’ll walk in to town shortly to find out.

Life has been small more manageable the past few days.  Not having school has helped.  Cleaning the house has helped.  A few glasses of wine in the afternoon has helped.

Right now I want a time machine.  Send me back.  Send me forward.  Just get me out of this bit right here.

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  1. blondie permalink
    June 8, 2012 1:46 pm

    I’m glad you’ve found some means of reprieve. You’re sharing of yourself with the people there and it’s obviously paying off. You’re making a huge difference and we’re all proud of you here. I do miss our times of late night chats while we moved between sweating up a storm at your place or falling asleep in the little room with the window after some wine or beer. ❤ you B!

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