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My Pot Can’t Boil

January 25, 2013

This song is blowing up on radios and cell phones across Liberia.  On a recent trip to Monrovia I frantically hummed the catchy tune to all the cassette boys.  “No, my man, I don’t really know the words but it’s like this…”  Check out the lyrics and I think you’ll understand why it has us so hooked.

Everybody pot boiling, my pot can’t boil
The only time my pot can boil when a car kill the dog.
The government breaking so the youth is still jerking.
School fees got me sent from school cuz my pot not boiling.
Corruption in the city got me kicking some dust cuz my pot not boiling
Sholee says she be leaving me tonight cuz my pot not boiling
Landlord say I should leave tomorrow cuz my pot not boiling.
Too much big big talk
And result to negligence
They neglected to build the country
No development
So so embezzlement
Send the money through Ecobank
Building other country’s banks
How my pot will boil
As a boy
Baby mamma coming
Children crying to the house
Even the leadership did some D.I.R.T.
But only Charles Taylor in the Hague, I.C.C.

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