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Feel My Pain (Ebola)

August 23, 2014

Yesterday I didn’t get on the airplane to fly home to Liberia.  In the three weeks since I’ve been gone rats have undoubtedly moved into my food stores and mold has undoubtedly crept into my closet.  But outside I know the heavy rains have helped my flowers send roots deeper and branches higher.  I just hope to be back in time to help them through the dry season.

With Ebola continuing to disrupt life, more Liberian artists are writing new songs.  Since my previous posts about recent LIB music have been so popular I’m bringing you a new one from Scientific.  A Liberian rapper currently living in Ghana, Scientific is best known for songs like I like You Girl and Keep Pushing but he recently released this track, Feel My Pain (Ebola), that resonates with me right now. (Click the link to download it or watch the youtube video above.)  Here are the lyrics:

Scientific – Feel My Pain

Can you feel my pain right now?
Africa and the world
Ya’ll pay attention to this, man
West Africa cryin’
Tell the world it’s emergency
Ebola raging hell
Devil smile we need some urgency
Is it the wrath of God because we’re sinning?
If not why LIB, NIG, Sierra Leone, and Guinea?
Is this virus man made to wipe out the black race?
Let me speak to the jury, I’m pleading my case
Most traumatized for wars for many years
Now they’re trapping those, constant living in fears
With sanitizers, chlorine, wearing gloves and masks
Physical contact with a victim could be your last
Victims are quarantined, an act to contain this
Once they’re dead, these bodies are buried or cremated
No more handshakes and hugs, sex or making love
Body fluid is major, no kissing or sharing blood
This from monkey or bats
Let me get my prayer on
Stop the rumors: Ebola is not airborne

This my message to every family out there
Who lost someone to the deadly virus, man
I know a lot of people are living in fear
But I have to say this, man
God is with us, man
This is serious, man
It hurts me, man
Liberia is a beautiful nation
And our people, they can’t think straight right now
Everybody trying to get out someway or the other
Too much happening, man
I love my country
And I got ya’ll right up in my heart right now, man
So our prayers are going to get us out of this
I love my country

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

– Ernest Hemingway

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