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Getting ready to say goodbye (again)

August 2, 2011

View from the 12th grade classroom at Lango Lippaye, the only government school in Kakata.

I’m getting in my groove with school. Part of me is really annoyed we only have one week left. We’re just starting to get somewhere! Just about three weeks until we move to site. I can’t believe it. A month ago I would have begged to see the day, but today part of me can’t imagine leaving. I will bawl. Bawl.

I will miss these kids so much and the little community of Sugar Hill. If this is what two months feels like, I struggle to imagine how I’ll feel in two years. Something huge is happening to me, something so much bigger than myself. I am becoming. Oh, am I ever becoming.

Tonight I graded 12th grade homework. At the bottom of his page Moses wrote, “Thank you for making us use our brains.” No, Moses, thank you. This was our second class together.

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