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School beats Television?

August 3, 2011

11th grade classroom at Lango Lippaye

I really enjoy teaching. I think I’d forgotten that the past few months. This morning’s 9th grade class was magic. I wish I knew what I did to make it happen. They have a reputation for being difficult, but they’re always good for me.

We finished divisibility rules for factoring and they got it. They all got it. They were clapping, smiling, yelling out answers as a group. It was amazing! People walking past outside told me later that they wished they were inside, “It sounded like so much fun!” Factors? Really?! No fancy activities. Just a lot of student participation mixed with Liberian sound effects (“Oooooh!” and “Arrrharrr!”) and jumping around.

I hope I can carry this energy to Sanniquellie. If I love the kids this much after a week I’m absolutely doomed there!

Tonight I carried my books into the living room to lesson plan. An Indian show blared on the TV as I mapped out composite functions. All of a sudden Luke scooted over with a big grin and see what I was doing. He asked for paper and I got the crayons. He danced then got to work. Within fifteen minutes the rest of the kids surrounded us. Titus, Samuel, and David asked for the animal flash cards. No one cared about the TV. Auntie Leelia studying was the show tonight. It was awesome. I almost did a Luke happy dance as the happiness overflowed.

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