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April Fool’s?

April 1, 2012
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K and Marcy walk to the taxi

K and Marcy walk to the taxi

K and I leave for Monrovia in about six hours.  Oh how I wish it was an April fool’s joke!  We got home from the club a little bit ago and I’m half heartedly packing.

This sucks.

It was both a productive and disappointing day.  I found the place to put music on my chip then took it to DJ AB at the club to get more.  He spent half an hour picking out songs for me… then I got home and found the drive corrupted.


I wanted to make flash drives for U and K and am missing a lot of our favorites.  Sometimes you try so hard and Africa happens anyway.

I got some photocopies made for George and Festus (a half hour fiasco) and managed to find George’s house.  He wasn’t home but I left my notes with the pape.  That was an interesting time in itself.  I just wandered into Dahnlorpa and started asking people if they knew where George and Sam Karway lived.  I got a lot of blank stares before a young man nodded and carried me there.  And good thing!  I’m not sure the woman who came to the door could speak English.  “Thank you!  Thank you for George!” Everyone kept saying.  “He has told us about all you’ve done for him.”  Without hesitation I replied, “Thank you for George.”

I don’t know where some of these kids came from, perhaps they fell from the sky, but I could not be more grateful for their dedication and motivation.  He and Festus are charged with teaching while I’m gone next week.  God help them…

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