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Baskets, Butchers, and Beer

March 31, 2012

I managed to paparazzi Yana in her big green sweater.

I’ve managed to cry less the past two days, so I’d call that progress.  Yesterday was a work day at school so K and I went to Ganta so I could bank and she could shop for gifts.  On the way there we realized the bank would be overflowing since it was the end of the month so she went to the ATM and spotted me some money until we can get to Monrovia.  We went to the market to shop for small girl dresses and ended up with only some bracelets.

A semi-cold drink at Beer Garden then we headed out of town to the leprosy and TB rehab center.  It was about a 30 minute walk back down the Sanniquellie road.  The sun was strong and the air cloudy with dust.  As soon as we turned down the drive, however, massive flowering trees shaded the road and tiny brick houses clustered around.  It was a welcome change from the bustling Ganta main street.  Matt met us there and showed us to the shop.  One of the neighbors sent for the key and an old white nun came to greet us.

The shop was amazing!  K and I spent $50US but could hardly carry out everything we took.  I got a giant patchwork star made out of different different lapas.  I plan to hang it wherever will be my new ‘happy place.’  We each took several baskets and almost all the figurines.  We carried everything back to town and had jolof rice at Justina’s.  It was only mediocre.  I had a giant piece of skin and only unidentifiable meat, but I was hungry so it was good enough.  (No I didn’t eat those pieces.)

K and I went to the Total so I could buy small things then Chris and Matt met us at the taxi stand.  They bought the entire back seat so we could leave quicker but K and I squeezed up front anyway.  After all, we’d each only paid for one seat.  Truth be told, I’m going to miss taxi rides with her so much.  Sunday we’ll charter a car to Monrovia so that trip from Ganta was probably the last time we’ll sit on top of each other in the dusty heat.  No pape or ol’ ma will ever take her place.  And I wouldn’t want them to.

When we got home I went back into town to buy small things in the market and visit the butcher.  I’ve never bought meat before because our UN friends always handle that part.  But I knew they’d want me to so I sucked it up.  Of course the man with the key for the freezer had just gone on an errand so I went back to the club to have a drink.  Half an hour later he’d returned and Ahmed cut me a really nice piece.  Success.  I cleaned the meat and K picked out one of the soup mixes from America.  It turned out great, but just as it finished I suddenly lost my appetite.

Everything is changing.  My god, this sucks.

Everything will be ok.  I know that.  But how long will it be before it’s great again?  Too long, I fear.  I’m going on alone.  Oh destiny, where are you taking me?  Please be kind.

 “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.” ~William Shakespeare


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  1. christina permalink
    April 18, 2012 9:29 pm

    I was curious, outside of your fellow Peace Corps persons, do you even seen white people? I know the times I’ve been in the Philippines, it’s extremely, extremely rare. I think only once of the many months, when you add up all the times I’ve visited there, I saw one other white person 😛
    ❤ you B. Keep your head up…but also know when you've earned the time to lay it down and rest!

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