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August 11, 2011

Today was the first day of exams. I’m exhausted! But for the first time in two weeks I don’t have work to do tonight. Its awesome! I got all my grading done this afternoon and the students did really well. I’m proud of them. I’m proud of myself. I’ve learned a lot, grown a lot, since we started a few short weeks ago. I feel like I’m ready to go to Sanniquellie and meet my kids.

Today I put my foot down several times without hesitation and surprised myself. During second period a group of fifteen or so students were being rowdy in a classroom next to mine and I walked in and told them to knock it off in my best teacher voice. When they were out of control not five minutes later I went back and firmly pointed to the door. “Everyone out! I will not let you disrupt my exam.” Several of the older girls glared. I looked right back and waited.

Then I chased two singing kids away from the window. I yelled out for them to leave then marched out there myself. As soon as I stepped out the front door they screamed and turned tail. The adults cackled and clapped for me. Thankfully Chris was still inside proctoring or I wouldn’t have been able to leave.

I think the kids respect me and that makes me really glad. I also think they like me. And that makes me really glad. Vince texted me the other night and accused me of enjoying training. He’s right. I am.

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