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Just keep moving forward

August 16, 2011

President Ellen isn’t coming to our swearing in on Friday. I’m devastated. But I bought a fine lapa suit and fixed my camera! I still haven’t told my ma yet. She’ll be really disappointed. Lots of other important people will be there but it won’t be the same. Sigh.

I have 100 pages of The Wizard of Oz to finish in the next week. It feels too soon. Am I really ready? There’s so much left I haven’t learned! But perhaps it’s just as simple as the ruby (silver) slippers. I’ve had the power all along, I just haven’t known how to use it. And what if I can? What if I already have all the tools I need? It never hurts to try. Just keep moving forward.

I dropped two lapas at my tailor yesterday. He took new measurements and scratched in his book. “You getting bigger!” he said with a smile. (It’s a compliment here.) I’m officially done with cookies and getting back to TRX next week. Goal weight by close of service?

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  1. Candace permalink
    September 18, 2011 3:38 pm

    I’m sad that you haven’t met the President yet…

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