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Lapas and Baking

August 17, 2011

Ellen’s trip was canceled! She’s coming to our swearing in on Friday! I’m so excited. I pick up my suit tomorrow afternoon and am crossing my fingers that it will be perfect. If not… I’ll be wearing something else. I’m also going to see Cecelia tomorrow to learn cinnamon rolls and cake. Oh, if this really happens I’ll be the happiest girl in Kakata.

I love to cook and bake at home and learning to do it here grounds me and helps me feel at home. It’s really kind of an art here too. No setting a timer and walking away. You do everything by feel and instinct. You file your recipes in your mind and adjust them freely to your whims. I can already see my weeks in Sanniquellie unfolding: teaching, working out, baking. Ahh, the good life!

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