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A wish and a prayer

August 23, 2011

Sunday in church my dad called me to the front and asked the congregation to pray for me.  Everyone stood and stretched their arms out to me.  “Little children,” he called to the back, “Jesus hears you too!”  Everyone closed their eyes and started shouting prayers at me.  I fought back tears of gratitude.  I am not religious, but I felt such a wave of love, protection, and good will.

My dad made a speech about how grateful they were for me and how they hoped they would send more Americans just like me.  “Leela taught me something about my family,” he said.  “She always played with the children and I’ve never seen them so happy.  Always playing.  Before I would always say ‘hello’ and go inside, but Leela showed me I should spend time with them.  That it will make them happy.”  I could hardly believe my ears. I could hardly control my tears.

I could hardly believe I was leaving.

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