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A bump in the night

October 20, 2011

Oh sweet Jesus.  I was just in the bathroom taking my nighttime bath when I heard scuffling overhead.  “Maybe it’s a cat? Or a rat?  Or a cat eating a rat?”  I thought.  “Be cool.”

Not two seconds later a giant bat flopped out of a tiny crack between the ceiling and the wall.  I screamed (like any normal person) and ran for the door just as it took flight and circled the small room before flopping back to the floor inches from my foot.

I continued to shout a string of curse words and Liberian English as I grabbed my lapa, tied it around my soapy body and bolted into the dark house, slamming the door behind me.  While I was fumbling for a candle Krista emerged looking both amused and cautious.  I tried to control my laughter as I explained the situation and she bravely went to check.  “Oh my god it’s huge!” she affirmed, slamming the door again.

It continued to thrash around then got quiet.  Krista poked her head in again.  “Your glasses are on the floor… but where is it?”  Further investigation discovered it collapsed on the floor in the corner by the toilet, laying on its back and still moving.  We ran back to the hall to regroup and decided to trap it under a bucket.  After a small pep rally Krista rushed in and slammed the bucket over it.  We put an Algebra book on top and there it remains.

I finished bathing in peace, albeit with a few jitters.  TIA, man, TIA.

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