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The little things

January 12, 2012

George and Festus came up to me as I left campus Monday.  They were trying very hard to be serious, but their grins showed through.  “We’re overwhelmed,” George said, “with how much you’re doing for us.”  I did a three hour lesson on arithmetic series for the quizzing team the day before.  “We took up a collection.  It isn’t enough, but we want you to have it.”  Festus handed me $80LD (just over $1US) and I thought I’d cry. 

“Gentlemen,” I said, “if I take this I’m buying you chalk with it.”  They stared at each other.  “Please just take it.”  George pressed it into my hand.

Love, love, love them.

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  1. April 2, 2012 3:51 pm

    You’re making a huge difference for them, one I’m sure they will never forget! And you get to always carry in your heart the lessons you take from each day!

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