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A Swift Current

June 8, 2012
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Daniel and Nya with a book

I just had a great meeting with the US AID people down at the education office.  They will support my project at the prison with lessons, materials, and possibly training for two officers, one to teach Literacy and Life Skills, the other to do Numeracy and Work Skills.  They gave me some books to look over and some assessment tests—it all looks great!  By the end of the first nine month course they should be able to read simple stories and write simple things.  Oh that’d be amazing!  It’ll require more than the one hour a week they allotted for it, though, so I hope I can get everyone at the prison as excited as I am.

But, really, where is all my time going?  Vacation?  Ha!  One more year?  Ha!  Time is racing past like water under a bridge and I just jumped in its swift current.

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